Purpose Statement

Texas Forever Forward believes to achieve its highest potential, Texas needs policies that promote limited government and free enterprise, that educate and attract innovative minds, and that create a welcoming climate for economic growth and prosperity. We will support elected officials, candidates, emerging leaders and ideas that are focused on Texas’ challenges. We will promote a message that is optimistic, inclusive, entrepreneurial and future-focused, and advance a shared vision to create the greatest possible opportunity for future generations of Texans.

The work of Texas Forever Forward is based on the following principles:

  • Public education is our greatest economic development tool, and it’s critical to make meaningful, sustainable investments in Texas students.
  • A diverse, outstanding system of higher education offers every Texan a path to a brighter future and fuels economic growth across the state.
  • In order to remain a pro-business state that attracts economic activity and talented workers, Texas should embrace diversity and promote inclusive, non-discriminatory policies and laws.
  • Strategic investments in our infrastructure – in a modern transportation system and a reliable water supply – provide the foundation that a fast-growing state requires.
  • Effective treatment of behavioral health challenges will vastly improve millions of Texans’ quality of life.
  • Government should be transparent and accountable in its stewardship of taxpayer dollars.
  • Greater participation in our democracy will strengthen our discourse and lead to better policy outcomes.